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FUNWORLD Latest issue on SRI LANKA

SARA SENVIRATNE'S CREATION Funworld Magazine has been launched in Hong Kong on Thursday, Oct 23 in the Sarasen Gallery in D'Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong. All the major people behind this new magazine are Lammaites; artist, editor, publisher, etc.

This very timely special edition is focusing on US ELECTIONS 2008. Hard-hitting, rib-tickling caricatures and editorial political cartoons and political commentaries about major players who are fighting to enter the White House are featured in full colour by Sara's razor-sharp pen, with equally pointed political commentaries from various writers.

So many Lammaites attended the launch party and you might well recognise a few of your friends from the photos

This 42-page, A4-size magazine will be on sale for US$10, including airmail postage. For reserving copies, please contact MENAKA SEN: Tel: 2525 6984, Mobile: 6891 3710, Email: But beware, if you're not an Obama supporter, then this polemic, satirical magazine might be highly offensive to your political opinions and beliefs!


Celebrating BARAK OBAMA's Victory! as the President of the UNITED STATES.


Sara Sen's International Monthly humour Magazine will be launched back again in USA and Hong Kong shortly! This special Edition will be focused on US ELECTIONS 2008.

Please reserve your copy now!!! as there will be very limited number of copies printed. Hard-hitting, rib-tickling caricatures and editorial political cartoons and political commentries about major players who are fighting to enter the White House will be there in full colour.


This 42 page A4 size magazine will be on sale for US10.00 including airmail postage.

For reserving copies please contact:

Phone: (852) 25256984
Mobile: (852) 6891 3710
E-mai :


Sara's latest whimsical sculptures

Cuban President Fidel Castro.

If you are intersted in getting a whimsical sculpture done by
internationally known SARA please contact him directly in Hong Kong
on- (852) 25256984 or send him an e mail.

He does this on Bronze or Porcelain. Prize vary from US$ 5,000 to
US$10,000 for an original piece. His private collection of Whisical
sculptures are bought by Rich & famous all over the world including US President Bill Clinton and the next US President to be Hillary
Clinton and many more celebrities.
His Private Gallery and Studio now opened to the general public in Lan Kwai Fong, Central District in Hong Kong Island.

SARAsen will have series of solo exhibitions in Hong Kong and Shanghai
soon. He will be displaying his latest sarcastic political caricatures
of World Politicians and Celebrities. Apart from that he will be dispalying the latest WHIMSICAL SCULPTURES of corrupt politicians.

So Politicians have to be very careful this you guys cannot
escape from his eyes. beware Politicians if you are corrupt!

Hong Kong based Multimedia Artist, Editorial Political Cartoonist, Art Director, Advertising Creative Director, Sculptor, Animator and the Publisher of FUNWORLD - World's most outrageously Funny Monthly Magazine, Creator and Publisher of CRICKETOON Magazines has become the first expatriate Sri Lankan to win prestigious Human Rights Press Awards in 1996, 1997 & 1998.

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Cartoon of the Week
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Caricatures & cartoons are powerful art form capable of effecting change, toppling governments, rarely does it accomplish such altruistic triumphs. If it did, more caricaturists would be locked up in dank prisons. Prisons may be overcrowded, but they do not contain an overpopulation of insurbodinate doodlers.

Neverthless, many politically oriented caricaturists attack with pen and paper as if such honorable results were at least possible, if not probable. For thee individuals, caricature devoid of passion, editorialized opinion or purpose would be simply unthinkable.

Let me entertain you !

Politician of the Week  
Presidential Candidate - Mahinda Rajapakshe Presidential Candidate - Ranil Wickramasinghe


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We invite writers, journalists , cartoonists, illustrators and publishers to contribute their work to the FUNWORLD edition which will be launched in December 2005, creating new opprtunities in the World of Media.

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